Get your tickets before the event to avoid lining up at the ticket booth. The early bird ticket saves you $10. Start hunting ahead of the rest of the crowds.

Knowing just a little more than the others can enhance your image in front of the interviewers. Make sure you are updated with all the companies who are coming to the event (listed on our official website). Do research on the companies, such as the positions companies are offering, their qualifications and requirements. Most importantly, know what you want and what you like.

Edit your resume and ensure all personal contact information is correct. List all the recent and relevant experiences first to catch attention. Make sure to print enough resumes and bring them with you on the day of the event.

Have your cover letters ready by knowing exactly which company you want to apply for. It does not hurt to try a little harder than the rest of the crowd.

Attach you recommendation letters that are most relevant to your past experience or the position you are applying for. A third party “word of mouth” enhances your overall qualification.

Prepare yourself a 30 seconds “about myself” to get recruiters’ attention. Make sure to have your name, interest or anything that is relevant to get their eyes on you.

Take shower, brush your teeth, have your business attire on and add a smile on your face.

First impression is very crucial in every face to face conversation at the Lionet Career Expo. You are probably talking to regional HR manager, or direct department manager, or even the founder of the company, and remember that you are not the only one who is applying for the job. How to stand out from the crowd? A neat and clean over all look, maybe with a small accessory. There is only a very few minutes to present your best side.

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Wear comfortable shoes, and avoid wearing new shoes and high heels. The exhibition will last for 8 hours, and the time you send walking and standing will easily kill your feet.

Be prepared, be patient, be positive, and stay open minded.

The Lionet Career Expo (LCX), formerly known as Student Career Fair, is one of the largest recruitment and career development platforms in Canada. Our continuing mission is to help all students, graduates and young professionals in their pursuit of career success by delivering true job offers, presenting high profile speakers and creating professional networking opportunities.

Be Prepared
This is truly the time for you to shine in front of all of the industry professionals and recruiters. "Opportunities are only for people who are prepared and ready."
Be Patient
Due to high traffic throughout the event, there will be many visitors from the GTA to come to the venue. Line-ups are expected. Please be patient and be in line.
Be Positive
LCX is here to deliver quality experiences to all the participants. A positive attitude brings out the best of each person. Do not let any incidents or line ups affect you on day of the event. The next person you meet could potentially be supervisor or colleague.
Stay Open Minded
The Lionet Career Expo does not only involve recruiting and interviewing process, but also networking. This is a great opportunity to connect with industry professionals, representatives, even people from the same field. Pay attention and be confident in yourself!